Measure your product, know your users

If you don't know what's going on in your product, you're going blind. I help you plan and implement your analytics strategy whatever your digital product is.


My services

Analytics Strategy

I analyze your product and your business goals and help you select which metrics are right for you.

Tracking Plan

I create your personalized analytics plan for your product, with all the necessary information for your team to implement it.

QA Testing

I help your team to deploy your project in testing and production environments and to ensure that the development conforms to the Tracking Plan.


I document the entire project so everyone knows what each metric is and so the project is easy to maintain.

Reports Creation

Once the data is collected it is not always visualized right. I create the Reports so that you visualize your metrics as you expect.

Dashboard Creation

Having all the information in one place allows you to save time and build a Product-Led company


About Muniz Data Agency

"My mission is that all my clients can understand how their users use their product"


Iván Muñiz

Product Manager and Mixpanel Certified Partner

After 6 years working with web and mobile analytics for different types of products, I want to help other CEOs and Product Managers to measure their product and get to know their users better. Make informed decisions, invest in truly valuable features, and anticipate problems.


Find below more information about product analytics and about my services

What is a tracking plan?

A tracking plan is a document that collects all the metrics referring to a digital product. The tracking plan is unique for each product and includes every metric, which is "triggered" by a user action. It is a document that helps the entire implementation team to be aligned and is shared by all the organization.

What software do I have to hire?

It depends on whether you are looking for a BI tool, or Marketing or product analytics, etc. For product analytics I recommend Mixpanel, but if you already have another tool implemented, I can also help you since a good part of the services I offer (strategy, planning, etc.) do not depend on the tool you use.

Do I have to hire all the services?

No, it depends on your needs and what phase you are in. Perhaps you have already deployed an analytics but you have problems with the strategy or visualization, or you simply want to start measuring from scratch. In any case, I can help you establish the appropriate strategy, implement it and correctly analyze the results.


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